i lay myself out

flatten into the bottom

melt into the good earth

which is my mother

releasing, relinquishing


as i came into this life

with nothing

and will go out with nothing

from ground to ground

element to element

spirit to spirit

energy to energy

everything is given

every worthy thing

so I am free, floating on the current that

takes me wherever it will

i was never saved

until i was

when it was time

for me to receive that baptism of surrender

to that which is greater

than me, than me

than me…

and so

whatever door is opened

before me

that will i pass through

and whichever is closed

i will forget

me walking, moving

with the energy loaned to me for a little while

along the path i know

a little and by little

carrying gratitude easy

lightly preciously

for the gift it is

in living the gift everything is

so as he sings

as we all sing…

Thank you for sunshine

Thank you for rain

Thank you for joy

Thank you for pain

It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day

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