The Garden

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

“As you approach the end of the coastal trail, you are invited to sit and rest at the richly landscaped Garden of Meditation. Here, a variety of evergreens and perennial flowers call to songbirds year round. You are welcome to sit and relax on one of twelve hand-carved benches, each adorned with a brass plate bearing a word of reminder about things we consider fundamental to our life together on the planet we call home.

“You are invited to Breathe, Listen, and Give; to Sing, Rejoice, and Forgive. Take time to reflect on Love, Compassion, or Gratitude; Peace, Mercy, or Truth.

“Enjoy one of the most beautiful and scenic views of our coastal region while receiving the gift of rest and renewal.”

The Garden of Meditation was made possible by a gift to the State Department of Cultural Enrichment from an anonymous donor in 2045.