my head’s full of noise.

what do you think is the difference between noise and sound, I asked. Between sound and music, I asked.

what’s the point of music, he asked. Out of the blue like that. a question that always goes without asking for me because music is everything. The key to all life. The learning that facilitates learning. The most sublime thing. Better than politics or religion or social engineering or economic systems any day of the week for something to be into.

like that kid who isn’t into music, doesn’t listen to it in his car because I JUST LIKE THE SOUND OF THE CAR. What the?

what do you mean, you little shit, what’s the point of music? You don’t like music?

Not really. I mean, I listen to it sometimes, like BTS. They’re cool.

(Yeah, I bet they are. they’re Korean and some kind of YouTube sensation and they’re a bunch of young kids and that’s always cool, right?)

what’s the point of asking, then, what the difference is between noise and sound or sound and music? To some people it’s just noise, and how dare they. (Except sometimes I turn the volume down and sometimes I shut it off because for some reason it feels overwhelming, even or especially if it’s stuff I listen to all the time.)

all the time.

fancy 4-star chefs serve you tiny entrees on fancy plates like it’s a work of art instead of something to eat and it forces you to savor every bite lest you feel you got cheated for the price of the thing.

and sometimes with a student I’ll say “tasty bits, tasty bits” because “less is more” and all that – and I have the temerity to ask how anyone could not think music is the bomb?

I’m a one horse pony. ?

I’m a self-contained one-meal deal.

And those people who paint their houses pink or purple? Are they like me or like the kid who never listens to music? Because I’m still stunned at the question: what’s the point of music?

I should have taken it as academic and striven to give an answer. but he’s a fourth grader and isn’t interested. he’s saying it because he doesn’t think there’s a point to music.

Kids these days.

Me these days.